3 Dirty Secrets Self-Help Gurus Don’t Want Beginners To Know

Do you find yourself taking the first step to changing your life by purchasing one self-help product after another only to discover they give you a lot of theory but very little on how to actually use the information on a regular basis?

For years I ran into the same problem. I desperately wanted to improve my life but often found it difficult to turn their theory into something I could use every day. There was something missing.

After going through one book after another, buying one “guaranteed” self-help product after another, I finally figured out what was missing. It really wasn’t that the information was wrong or necessarily incomplete. I found three things that almost made what I was reading useless.

It’s like a financial advisor telling you that you need to save money if you want to retire but not telling you things you can do to save money on a monthly basis.

Almost everything I read was very good at explaining the theory behind the idea or concept but very bad at then showing me what I needed to do.

I love theory but I also need examples, exercises, and step-by-step instructions on how to apply the theory. I bet you’ll agree that the majority of people learn best this way as well. Most self-help products fall short in these areas.

Finally, after working my way through all the theoretical information, I almost NEVER found a product or read a book that showed me how to take what I’ve just read and integrate all the pieces together then USE them in my life on a daily basis.

Let me give you an example. I’ll use the concept of the Law of Attraction. I’ve watched DVDs about it and read many books dealing with the idea. They were all very good at telling me the Law of Attraction simply states that “like attracts like,” that whatever you keep in the forefront of your thoughts is what you tend to attract into your life. Powerful information, right? OK, but now what? How can you use that information??

I had other questions like:
– How do I actually use the Law of Attraction?
– What steps are required and in what order?
– How often do I use the information, daily, twice a day, constantly?

I rarely found answers to those questions or had to spend money on several products to get all my questions answered. One source may have a limited method to follow, one might give me a few simple exercises, or more frequently I’d get none of those answers.

Theory without practical application is almost useless. If you don’t know how to apply what you’ve read to your life you might as well not have read the material. If you can’t get a good grasp on the material through easy to follow examples, exercises, and instructions, you’ve wasted your money and more importantly your time. If you can’t apply the material to your life on a daily basis, how can you ever change your life?

A good, useful self-help product must be able to answer the following three questions with a resounding Yes!

1. Is there real-world application along with the theory?
2. Are there step-by-step instructions, exercises, and examples?
3. Are the different parts integrated into a system that can be used on a daily basis?

The more no’s you have, the faster you should run away from the product!

All the theory in the world is useless unless you can apply it quickly and easily on a regular basis. You’ve wasted your money, time and sometimes left feeling lost and betrayed if you can’t use what you’ve purchased.

You CAN improve your life, you CAN achieve your goals, you CAN get everything you want in life if you’re given the proper tools and shown how to use them. If you can answer the three questions above with a Yes, you can rest easy knowing you’ve found the right self-help product for you.