How To Invest in Real Estate for Under $10k Without Wholesaling!

So one of the toughest parts of real estate have to do with the cost barriers to investing in a house. Starting out, a lot of potential real estate investors just don’t have the cash or credit to do a traditional fix and flip or buy and hold investment where an actual purchase is required.

But unfortunately, the only option I ever see suggested for those without a lot of capital is the route of wholesaling. This is where you put a house under contract to purchase at a deeply discounted price, then turn around and find a cash buyer to sell your contract to for an assignment fee of $5,000-$10,000. “WOW’ people say, “It’s sounds so easy, I better buy that course for $1000 and learn this awesome strategy so I can be rich in flash!”

But when faced with the realities of a wholesaling business, the hype soon fades. You need to actually have a marketing budget and meet with a lot sellers to even get your first property under contract. Then you’ve gotta collect a reliable cash buyers list that you can market to, and that will require it’s own effort which could take a month or more. THEN you’ve gotta find a title company that knows what your doing and how to do it properly. And on top that, you may need a real estate attorney to make sure you’re actually doing it legally and not violating state licence law. And THEN you might need to find a transactional lender to fund a double close if you decide to go that route. So now all of a sudden it doesn’t sound like such an easy proposition, and you might need more than zero dollars to get started.

What if I told you there was another way to get started where you could make the same profit you could wholesaling, but with the security and stability of a buy and hold investment. Where you could run the property like a landlord and make huge cash flow off of a property without even owning it. That method, my friends, is outlined in my newly released ebook: How to Make Huge Profits with Airbnb!

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