Is Airbnb investing right for you?

Hi guys! This is my first personal post of the website and I want to give you a rundown of what it is that this site, Airbnb Rockstars, will be accomplishing.  I’ll start with a simple question:

What do you think is the biggest trend in real estate investing right now?

Is it wholesaling? No.

Is it Fix and Flipping like they do on TV? Nope.

Is it buying Foreclosures? No sir.

Is it in Commercial real estate? Nah!

Then what is it? The answer is simple. It’s all about the home sharing economy created by Airbnb and other short term/vacation rental sites such as Homeaway, VRBO, and Flipkey, etc. People are realizing they can not only monetize the empty rooms in their house, but they can profit from renting whole units and houses and throwing it up on Airbnb! From the fabled “hacker houses” in San Fransisco to the popup artist hostels in Los Angeles, it’s created it’s own sub-economy of renting out private rooms and even bunk beds in a community living environment. And believe it or not the profits are HUGE.

Imagine throwing 20 bunk beds into a 4-bd 2-bath house and renting each bed for an average of $600 a month which is the going rate in Los Angeles. That’s $12,000/month in revenue! Take out $5000 of overall rent and expenses and you’re looking at $7000 profit every month for a fully booked house. Could an extra $7000 a month change your life? I bet it could!

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